Jake Tapper Shows Exactly How To Handle James Comer And Biden Impeachment Lies

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CNN’s Jake Tapper both challenged Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s Biden impeachment lies and destroyed them with sarcasm.


Tapper asked Comer to provide two pieces of evidence that Biden did anything wrong, and then this happened:

COMER: First of all, we believe President Biden committed a quid pro quo when he leveraged a billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money in Ukraine in exchange for firing the prosecutor, Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, the company that Hunter Biden just got charged with receiving substantial sums of money and not paying taxes. We believe that Joe Biden was directly involved in the termination. We believe this, Jake, because he admitted it on tape. That’s one crime. We also believe —

TAPPER: We’ll get to the second in a second, but just for our viewers awareness, the entire western world wanted Shokin fired. Like it wasn’t just President Biden, the entire western world, the European Union, the G8, there was — there were a lot of people, including Republican members of the House and the Senate who wanted Shokin fired, it wasn’t just like, Vice President Biden, you know, conspiring with himself. So, OK, what’s the second one you wanted to talk about?

COMER: Well, the second one, clearly with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. That’s why the judge in Delaware kicked out the sweetheart plea deal that Weiss originally negotiated. Remember, just a few months ago, Weiss was trying to negotiate a deal that would have given Hunter Biden blanket immunity. He wouldn’t have had to charge — been charged with any serious crime.

TAPPER: Right.

COMER: So, the Foreign Agent Registration Act is the most obvious. And who is he lobbying on behalf? I mean, he was lobbying on behalf of our enemies around the world. Who was he lobby? He was lobbying his father.

TAPPER: Right. But we don’t have any evidence that he carried — I don’t know what evidence there might be about Hunter Biden and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. You might be right about that. I just don’t know what then Vice President Biden might have done or and especially in those four years where he was not doing anything, he wasn’t vice president or president.

Tapper then asked why Comer won’t agree to let Hunter Biden testify in public:

COMER: This isn’t about politics. It’s not about me either. My job — I know the media, I know the media, and I like you, Jake. I know the media would like to have a big public show and that would be very —


COMER: — entertaining. But my job is not to entertain.

TAPPER: it’s me who wants it to be a public show. Yes, it’s me.

Tapper got sarcastic when Comer launched into conspiracies:

COMER: Because of income. So, we think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We think there are many more crimes. And my concern is that Weiss may have indicted Hunter Biden to protect him from nothing to be deposed (ph) —


COMER: — in the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

TAPPER: Yes. He indicted him to protect him. Yes, the classic rubric. He indicted him to protect him. I got it

COMER: Well, look this whole — this, Jake, this whole thing’s been about a cover up. You know, you’ve got two serious —

TAPPER: That’s why you got to protect him, to cover it up?

COMER: Well, he — look, you indicted him on the least little thing, the gun charge and not paying tax.

TAPPER: He’s facing like 17 additional years in prison.

COMER: Yes, but look what he’s done.

TAPPER: It’s a felony.

Republicans Can’t Explain Why They Want To Impeach Biden

Jake Tapper didn’t defend Hunter Biden. He asked for facts to support the Republican case for impeaching the president, and what the interview revealed was that James Comer didn’t have any. Chair Comer has lots of thoughts, feelings, and opinions, but what he doesn’t have is actual evidence that President Biden deserves to be impeached.

Comer was exposed by failing to answer basic questions and instead engaging in conspiracy theories.

It is difficult to get House Republicans to go on non-conservative media, and Jake Tapper showed why. House Republicans are planning the most empty impeachment in US history, and the more that they talk the deeper the hole gets.

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