TACTOSA Frontman Facing Allegations Of Sexual Assault, BROJOB Vocalist Fired For Defending Him

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Tactosa vocalist Kyle Weeden is currently facing allegations of sexual assault. According to a statement published by Kara Murray, Weeden allegedly took advantage of her while she was drunk and was emotionally manipulative throughout their brief relationship, in part citing one incident where “[Weeden] raised his voice and yelled at me for wiping a tear on his shirt after i yawned. it was some hardcore shirt and he was upset at me because ‘they don’t make this shirt anymore’.” The entirety of the statement can be found here.

Weeden has since addressed the allegations, denying Murray‘s claims and saying that “at no point during our final exchanges did she express these things to me.”

“Hey everyone. Recently I have been made aware of some pretty serious allegations against me,” said Weeden. “As I’m sure you can imagine I wanted to take my time to gather all the info and make a sincere statement. A post has been made by my ex girlfriend claiming abuse, specifically manipulation and coercion. During our three week relationship I treated her disrespectfully by ending our relationship to get back with my ex and being unclear about where she stood with me. She is a human being with feelings and I acted selfishly.

“In her statement she mentions how once, although she gave consent, she felt as though she did not have the space to revoke it. The final time I ended our relationship, which was the last time we spoke, she was understandably upset, but at no point during our final exchanges did she express these things to me. She just stated that she had felt used and disregarded. She makes it clear that she has no evidence to support any of this and neither do I. She has made it clear she doesn’t want to hear from me and I respect her wishes. I’m sorry for my actions and to anyone affected by them.”

Weirdly, this then spills over into the deathcore band Brojob (whose name means exactly what you think it means) and their vocalist Jacob Wallace. Wallace issued a statement defending Weeden, deleted it, and then issued a second statement after being fired from Brojob for the first statement. Wallace ends his second statement by saying he was thinking about quitting Brojob anyway, so… everyone wins I guess?

“Manager and friends decided they didn’t like my opinion. I listened to them when they said to remove the post. I heard out the people who felt upset by my words and apologized accordingly. Now a few douche bags are going around spreading my words even after I apologized and spreading my name around like I’m some sort of sexual assault sympathizer.

“Let me make something really fucking clear – if you sexually assault someone, you should be castrated. You should straight up have your dick yanked from your pelvis. You shouldn’t be allowed any rights whatsoever. I am not saying all people who come forward about abuse are liars. I am however saying that in this particular case surrounding Tactosa, I was dubious of the incident, and I’m not the only one.

“I was considering quitting for quite a long time. I don’t enjoy where the band has gone and honestly feel like their action in removing me solidified my opinion that I am better off without the band.”

Brojob has since issued their own statement, saying they condemn both Wallace and Weeden, and noting they’re trying to figure out how to move forward as a band.

BROJOB has parted ways with vocalist Jacob Wallace after learning of his handling of the Kyle Weeden/Tactosa accusations and how his comments negatively affected victims of sexual violence.

BROJOB stands in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence and we will not support, enable, or stand for misconduct, abuse, or harassment. We acknowledge that abuse of power is a systemic problem within society that directly impacts individuals, their families, and community members. Sexual violence is not only traumatic, but the burden of coming forward can be difficult and isolating, especially within the music community. We are determined to cultivate a space where everyone can participate without fear of violence or harassment.

“We are working together to determine how to best move forward, and will provide an update in the coming days. In the meantime, we hope you will join us by donating to victim advocacy groups such as RAINN, and the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence.


https://www.fcasv.org/donate “

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