Trump Campaign Lies About Biden’s Jobs Record And Gets Crushed By Democrats

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The Trump campaign released a lie that attempted to revise down President Biden’s record on jobs, but Democrats were ready.

The lie and the Democratic response:

FACT CHECK: This claim isn’t even close to true.

Under President Biden, we’ve regained all the jobs lost during the pandemic, and created nearly 4 million more.

The U.S. has seen the strongest pandemic recovery of any leading economy.

— DNC War Room (@DNCWarRoom) August 4, 2023

Before Friday’s jobs report of 187,000 new jobs added, confirmed that as of July 2023, “The economy added 13.2 million jobs under Biden, putting the total 3.8 million higher than before the pandemic.”

Even if the pandemic is removed from the statistics, Biden has created millions more jobs than Trump.

Then there is manufacturing. Trump promised and made a show of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America.

However, according to the same analysis, manufacturing growth has exploded under Biden, “As of June, the U.S. added 793,000 manufacturing jobs during Biden’s time, a 6.5% increase in the space of 29 months, according to BLS. Furthermore, the June total is 204,000 or 1.6% above the number of manufacturing jobs in February 2020, before the pandemic forced plant closures and layoffs. During Trump’s four years, the economy lost 170,000 manufacturing jobs, or 1.4%, largely due to the pandemic.”

Even if a person doesn’t believe that presidents should get credit for the economy, the facts are that manufacturing jobs that weren’t there under Trump exist under Biden.

Democrats have seen this movie before. While the Clinton campaign seemed thrown and didn’t know how to handle Trump’s willingness to lie about anything and everything 24/7, Biden knew how to handle this in 2020, and by 2024 these sorts of lies are expected.

If this is the path Republicans have chosen, it will not end well for them in 2024.

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