Trump Allies Plan DOJ Prosecuting Biden And Democrats If He Returns To White House

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Stephen Miller explained why Trump and his allies want House Republicans to make Biden criminal referrals to the DOJ. Trump plans to use the criminal referrals to prosecute Biden and Democrats if he returns to the White House.

Miller said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

It will be open legal season on Republicans and the only way this ends and I hate to say it but it’s true is if Republicans return law in kind. That is the only way you could ever create the political conditions for a cease-fire. Otherwise, one size keeps getting pulverized. 

 I think you have to take a hard look at both the Russia hoax conspiracy, all of these things, the open borders criminal and cartel conspiracy, the suppression of first amendment speech conspiracy, the deprivation of civil rights by the Biden administration and local prosecutors and on down through the list and of course Joe Biden and the conspiracy involving him and his children and you take all of that and you begin crafting criminal referrals, the Department of Justice which can then be taken up in 2025 under an honest DOJ.


Stephen Miller wants the House to start making criminal referrals to the DOJ so Trump can prosecute his enemies if he wins in 2024, “you begin crafting criminal referrals, the Department of Justice which can then be taken up in 2025 under an honest DOJ.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) August 20, 2023

Miller laid out the plan for Trump. The goal is to have House Republicans make criminal referrals to the DOJ, and then if Trump wins the election in 2024, he will use the referrals to prosecute his critics and opponents with his weaponized Department of Justice in 2025.

Trump is planning to behave like any deposed authoritarian who returns to power. The goal seems to be more than revenge. It looks like an attempt to destroy institutions so that there is no accountability and democracy.

The MAGA gang has never been subtle or kept their plans secret.

Trump is out to destroy democracy and freedom in the United States. If he returns to the White House, Trump does not plan on letting it go, and his primary goal will be to prosecute the people who have successfully defeated him in the past.

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