You’re Not Crazy: METALLICA Did Reference The Batman Theme Song On “Shadows Follow”

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Have you heard Metallica‘s song ‘Shadows Follow” and, right around the 4:20 mark, thought “hey, isn’t that the riff from the Batman theme song?” Apparently a lot of people have, and now Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has confirmed that it wasn’t a coincidence.

In an interview with Total Guitar, Hammett addressed the similarities, saying: “That’s really funny [that fans noticed], because we called that riff ‘The Batman Riff’, and I know exactly what you are talking about.” If only Adam West were still alive… maybe he could’ve guested on the song?

Hammett then spoke a little more about drawing influences from a lot of different places (apparently including TV shows), saying: “One thing I noticed from watching AC/DC at Power Trip is that AC/DC are actually a bunch of different bands. AC/DC is a fucking boogie-woogie blues bar band… a rock band… a hard-rock band… a heavy metal band. They are all those types of bands rolled into one. It goes from ‘Baby, please don’t go’ to fuckin’ Back In Black.”

If you never noticed the similarities between the two riffs, have a listen below. You’ll never be able to unhear it.

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