Hakeem Jeffries Devastates House Republicans At Press Conference

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Democratic House Leader Hakeem Jeffries was asked if Democrats are frustrated that they have to do the heavy lifting of governing while they are in the minority, and his answer was an indictment of Republican dysfunction and failure.

Jeffries was asked about Democrats having to do the heavy lifting of governing even though they are in the minority.

The Democratic House leader from New York answered:

Democrats believe in doing the right thing for the American people on every issue. and we recognize that a partial government shutdown will hurt everyday Americans, hurt the economy and hurt the ability of the federal government to meet the needs of the American people. And so it’s my full expectation that House Democrats will continue to do the responsible thing.

As we’ve said from the very beginning that in this Congress and beyond, we will continue to put people over politics. That’s what we have done from the very beginning of this Congress. And that is what we will continue to do. Because the political thing would be to allow House Republicans to continue to allow their chaos and dysfunction to stop anything positive from happening.

And we have made the point repeatedly that House Democrats are willing to find bipartisan common ground in order to meet the needs of the American people. And in fact, not only have we done that, we have repeatedly led the effort throughout this Congress. Because of the chaos, dysfunction, and extremism on the other side of the aisle.


Rep. Jeffries is delivering the message to the American people that Democrats are the adults in the room, and adults don’t mind doing the responsible thing for the country because that is what governing is all about. The members were sent to Congress to represent the needs and interests of their constituents, and they are supposed to do so by governing.

The House Republicans that are driving the majority conference are only interested in using their power to try to win the 2024 election.

The only reason Republicans currently have the House majority is that Democrats in New York imploded when they got caught up in a redistricting fight in 2022.

Republicans are showing that they are unfit to govern, and Jeffries is doing the right thing by not letting the political equivalent of a drunk driver get behind the wheel with the entire nation in the back seat.

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