Trump Is So Broke Due To Legal Bills That He Can’t Afford A Long GOP Primary

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Trump is reportedly trying to wrap up the Republican nomination by Super Tuesday because his campaign can’t afford a long primary fight for delegates.

The New York Times reported:

With five days left until the New Hampshire primary, Donald J. Trump and his allies are stepping up their efforts to muscle Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis out of the Republican presidential race by casting Mr. Trump’s nomination as inevitable.

The strategy reflects an urgent desire to end the race quickly and avoid an extended and expensive battle for delegates heading into Super Tuesday on March 5.

Mr. Trump is facing 91 criminal charges in four jurisdictions, as well as two costly civil trials, where he has used voluntary appearances at New York courthouses this month as public relations and fund-raising vehicles. But February offers him few such opportunities, meaning he would need to rely on his political strength alone to generate momentum for Super Tuesday, when voters in 16 states and territories will cast ballots for the nomination.

The reporting confirms what financial disclosure reports and other media reports have been saying for more than a year. Donald Trump is spending a ton of the campaign money that he is raising on legal bills and court cases. Trump has struggled to raise money, and his campaign is just like 2020 not in a a good financial place.

Trump doesn’t hold big rallies anymore because they are expensive, and his campaign can’t afford it.

There are red flags and warning signs that the Republican Party should be paying attention to. For example, if the party’s likely nominee has to use the money that his campaign is raising to cover his legal bills because he is facing 91 felony counts in criminal courts, that does not bode well for his ability to compete with President Biden, who is an incumbent that has a historic level of campaign cash to spend.

Trump can’t afford to lose New Hampshire or any other primary states, because anything that drags out the Republican primary will cost Trump even more cash.

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